The Lindenhoff manor

The unique architectural ensembleLindenhoff/Liepasmuiza

The history of the park

The Lindenhoff manor takes up 35 hectares of land in the Gauja National Park. There is a magnificent view over the Rauna valley from the top of the hill. The original plan of the manor has been preserved: there is a manor house in the center, the forecourt is surrounded by an ancient linden park, and behind a manor house there is a garden and a greenhouse (a bosquet). Usually the park and the garden were connected, because all the ;amusements took place in the park. These cosy parts of the manor together with a marvelous cascade of ponds have been undoubtedly its greatest treasure up to this day.

Linden-trees and oaks, maples and ash-trees, Siberian fir and jasmine, lilac and apple-trees get along well together in this park. Today, the park is being extensively restored and renovated. But the apple orchard still pleases both the owners and the guests with its rich harvest.

V.Kalnina described the Lindenhoff manor park as follows: „The park of the manor reached the „Little Hell” cave (Mazā Ellīte), there were many little paths, bridges over the streams and ditches. There were many fruit trees and flowers”.



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