Lindenhoff is an area of recovery to full health, complete rest and impulsive creativity. But only instead of bitter pills, you receive a recreative art-therapy, instead of painful injections of medicines an injection of art. Specialists in different fields of knowledge and high-class experts are involved in the work with your body and mind. Psychology, art, medicine and ecology are closely intertwined here to help you to restore your strength and the harmony of body and soul. Every visitor of the art-estate can become aware of his/her true potential in a group or in a private talk with an expert.

In the warm season (from June 1 to August 31) the art-laboratories reign over this place. This period is rich in events: festivals, exhibitions, thematical seminars in art, psychology, master classes and creative picnics. 

The individual programs of the best specialists in psychology, art and medicine are our jewel in the crown.
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