Art residence

Lindenhoff is an art-estate with unique conditions and opportunities for all kinds of creative work.

The landscapes of Vidzeme are known for their beauty; the ambiance of peace and quiet inspires people to create new works of art. Moreover, the proximity to Riga and Jurmala is a welcome bonus for the visitors.

The Lindenhoff art-estate is an ideal venue for art seminars, art exhibitions, and new workshop presentations.
Professional, talented and writers, painters, musicians, designers, photographers and scholars can take part in all these activities becoming the art-residents. They not only find here ideal conditions for creative work, but also get acquainted with people, life, culture and history of Vidzeme and Latvia. They are provided with a room, a studio, and all necessary raw materials. 

To participate free of charge, you should fill in the form on the art-estate website, and send your photo, a covering motivation letter, a description of the project, which is expected to be connected with the manor’s history or would promote its development. Please send required data to the e-mail below with a subject “art-resident”. Applications for art-residence are accepted throughout the year.

Paid accommodation terms:
Price for a single room – starting with 750 euro (per 10 days)
Price for a suite – starting with 3100 euro (per 10 days)
The art-estate can accommodate 40 persons simultaneously. Minimum stay is 10 days, but if you would like to arrive for a shorter period, you can negotiate your stay with the organizers. Residents are provided with studio, exhibition hall, unique multimedia library, expendable tools and raw materials, full board, transfer and excursions around the manors.

You can have a look at the photos of the artworks done in the previous years here.

In order to apply, please:

1. Download and fill in the form.
2. Send an e-mail to with the subject “art-resident”.


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